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The Birth Injury

Birth Injuries

The Birth Injury represents one of the most tragic type of case in personal injury law.

The reasons for this are:

1. The future of the damaged child is uncertain and the financial costs are overwhelming to support the child's ongoing needs.

2. Clear answers as to 'why' the outcome occured are often not given.

3. Do you have a valid lawsuit for both child and other members of the family?

To properly address and answer these and other crucial issues a lawyer with experience and medical knowledge in the obstetrical field is of paramount importance.

J. Arthur Cogan Q.C. has gained over 35 years experience in this field successfully resolving lawsuits in the multi-million dollar range. He is widely regarded as one of Canada's leading lawyers in this field.

Consultation is free of charge. In the event that a valid case is pursued, a contingency fee arrangement pursuant to the Rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada of Ontario can be arranged.

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